Fresh News

Honolulu Festival Re-Crap

The Honolulu Festival is such a cool event bringing the Japanese culture to life during a huge 2 day event and thanks to Art+Flea we got to be a part of it once again. One story I would like to share is we had one goal that weekend, it was to get at least one Japanese tourist sale.

Legend Of Andre Release Party ReCrap

I always get nervous when I do a new project. And this was the very first time we've done a release party for one of our tees. Would people like the new Zelda inspired tee? Would people be able to find About The Goods? Would people even show up to the release party? These were the many questions that ran through my had as I woke up that morning and started packing up and getting ready for the event.

Art + Flea presents: Enter The 36 Chambers

tCrap Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M get the toilet paper. Art+Flea will be celebrating all things Wu-Tang on Thursday, February 26th from 5pm-10pm. We will be there as usual selling that crap. Try our sticker machine and we might have a restock on some sticker. See you guys there!

For more info about Art+Flea visit their website.

Art+Flea Back To The Future Recrap

The day started out really gloomy, dark clouds were all around Oahu. It felt like a combination of the vog and rain clouds had taken over. Gearing up for this event we had a bunch of new stickers including a special Back To The Future sticker made just for the event. Knowing that I knew the sticker machine was gonna be popular tonight so I made sure to fill up the machine as much as I could.

A Bunch Of Collectible Crap

So its now 2015 and we've told you big changes were coming. First I would like to refresh everyone on what our brand is. We are out to prove that if we can sell a shirt with a piece of crap on it and become successful. Then anyone can also find success if they work hard and never give up. "Sell a shirt with a piece of crap on it", that simple concept is one thing that makes us who we are. And with the new year we plan to provide a bunch of tees with crap on it.