Legend Of Andre Release Party ReCrap

I always get nervous when I do a new project. And this was the very first time we've done a release party for one of our tees. Would people like the new Zelda inspired tee? Would people be able to find About The Goods? Would people even show up to the release party? These were the many questions that ran through my had as I woke up that morning and started packing up and getting ready for the event. 

I didn't need to worry though as everyone loved the new tee! And a lot of family, friends, and fans came out to support! Cosplayer Uncanny Megan invited her friends and they all came dressed up as Legend Of Zelda characters, it was so cool! Maybe one day I'll even dress up myself. Overall it was a blast talking to everyone that came through and I am forever thankful for all your continued support. 

A special thank you to Riana and About The Goods for letting me host the event at their shop, to Megan and her friends for showing up in cosplay, to DJ Kowai Kowai for providing the music and to Songki for taking pics all night. See you at our next release!

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