Art+Flea Back To The Future Recrap

The day started out really gloomy, dark clouds were all around Oahu. It felt like a combination of the vog and rain clouds had taken over. Gearing up for this event we had a bunch of new stickers including a special Back To The Future sticker made just for the event. Knowing that I knew the sticker machine was gonna be popular tonight so I made sure to fill up the machine as much as I could. Its always a love hate relationship with that machine because when it works its awesome. But when it jams, oh man is it a pain you guys should know by now. You guys even make jokes hoping you didn't break it this time. I was surprised that we ran out of stickers in the machine by the end of the night and we even go to give out a free t-shirt because of a GOLDEN TICKET winner. Its always great to see new and old customers get excited over the machine and little ole' Andre characters. We had a blast at Art+Flea and we hope you did too. 
All photos taken by Marvin @taezza

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