Life Changes

My Dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Liver Cancer... 

Yes that was such a big wake up call. Here I was so content with my life, doing nothing, spending my money on things that I didn't need, playing video games and going on the internet all day. That I had to ask myself "If my dad were to leave us at this very moment would I want him to remember me this way?" It was very sad that I was so happy living life like this with no goal in mind. I had to make drastic changes quick! I sold everything, my video games, my Magic The Gathering cards, my Yu-Gi-Oh cards. And decided to bring Crap Apparel back. But this time I understood more about myself and didn't just wanna bring the brand back with no goal or direction in mind. So I had to re-think everything!    

Crap Apparel soon became Crappy Kids, because I wanted something a little more playful and to show that we need to take life a little less serious sometimes and just live a little. And no matter how old we get we will always have that little kid in all of us. Then I wanted to prove something. That I'm not here to only make money, we are all here to make money. I wanted to get everyone inspired like me. And never settle for less. I'm not saying its bad to play Video Games or Trading Card Games all day. Just make sure that its what you love doing. And what you want to keep continuing to do.     

But for myself I wanted to prove that if I can get away with selling "Crap" on a shirt. Then anyone, no matter how silly your concept is or how impossible your dreams, goals, or whatever you want to achieve may be. You can do it as long as you work hard, be humble and never ever give up. And If I can make it big one day, then it also proves my other theory that people will literally buy Crap. So join me and my friends and become a part of the Crappy Kids family!

"Be Humble & Stay Original"

- Chad Maluyo aka Crap Master Chad

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