The Start Of Crappy Kids


I was just about 6th grade when I had my first job, and boy it was a tough one. I had to work with my dad and his construction job. Since my dad was the owner of his own business he'd bring me and my brother Cameron Maluyo along to so called "help him" with installing granite counter tops or install tile flooring. But we were so young and so weak. So what we actually did was just sit there and play while he would work very hard everyday. The only help we did was grab tools for him if he needed it (which we'd always get wrong because we don't know which tools are which). He pretty much just had to babysit us the whole day, but the best thing is that he would pay us $20 bucks whenever we'd work with him. And I would save that money. And keep saving it till I could buy things that some kids would dream of! From Pokemon cards all the way to a Game Boy. This is very important because this is how I was thought to learn. I always thought myself as a "hands on" kind of person. And learned very well that you have to work hard for your money.