A Bunch Of Collectible Crap

So its now 2015 and we've told you big changes were coming. First I would like to refresh everyone on what our brand is. We are out to prove that if we can sell a shirt with a piece of crap on it and become successful. Then anyone can also find success if they work hard and never give up. "Sell a shirt with a piece of crap on it", that simple concept is one thing that makes us who we are. And with the new year we plan to provide a bunch of tees with crap on it.

Starting with our characters, its seems that everyone loves Andre. Maybe its those eyes or that tongue… Speaking of that tongue we've decided to remove it due to that unnecessary red color that caused us problems last year. So now you will see Andre with a very kawaii smile.

But you guys have proved time and time again that you want to collect every version of Andre. From Pikapoo to Pootoro. We've tried to keep certain characters rarer than others cause people like stuff that others don't have. We wanted to transition that character collecting to our tees. So we've created a bunch of characters for you guys to collect starting with our first character of the year "Legend Of Andre". Also we decided to make this run really limited just to make it even more collectible. We can't wait to show you the rest of the characters we've come up with. And we hope you decided to collect them all!

The biggest change is our t-shirt blanks are gonna change starting with the Legend Of Andre tee. Due to a lot of recommendations we are now using a softer tee. I really think you guys will like it as now our tees are a little more breathable. And if you are worried about the fit, don't fret as we've tested it out in the washer and dryer and our new tee doesn't shrink as much as you would think even though its 100% cotton. If you are still unsure stop by at one of the many events we will be doing this year and test the tee out for yourself. We really think you guys will like this tee, especially the ladies. Finally we've added a little something extra to all our tees to complete the changes...

We hope you guys will like all the new changes that are coming and we can't wait to show you all the new projects we have lined up this year!

- Crapmaster Chad

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