Honolulu Festival Re-Crap

The Honolulu Festival is such a cool event bringing the Japanese culture to life during a huge 2 day event and thanks to Art+Flea we got to be a part of it once again. One story I would like to share is we had one goal that weekend, it was to get at least one Japanese tourist sale. And it was a tough one as none of us can speak Japanese. But we were determined, and it took us awhile. But during day 2 a Japanese man came by our booth and looked at our banner and just laughed, which is the usual reaction. Then he started to look through our clothes rack. He then proceeded to pull out tee after tee asking for "L" size. Which I was happy to pull out and show him each tee. Then his friend came by and I assume he asked him "what are you buying?" and looked at our tees and said "Oh Unko!" and started to laugh. It was a great experience to know that poop is universally accepted and that no matter what background or culture you come from we all know what poop is because its part of our everyday life. So thanks to everyone that came out to the Honolulu Festival. We had a blast and we hope to see you guys again next year!

Photos by Marvin @taezza

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