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Art + Flea presents: Enter The 36 Chambers

tCrap Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M get the toilet paper. Art+Flea will be celebrating all things Wu-Tang on Thursday, February 26th from 5pm-10pm. We will be there as usual selling that crap. Try our sticker machine and we might have a restock on some sticker. See you guys there!

For more info about Art+Flea visit their website.

Art+Flea Back To The Future Recrap

The day started out really gloomy, dark clouds were all around Oahu. It felt like a combination of the vog and rain clouds had taken over. Gearing up for this event we had a bunch of new stickers including a special Back To The Future sticker made just for the event. Knowing that I knew the sticker machine was gonna be popular tonight so I made sure to fill up the machine as much as I could.

Art & Flea Mililani

Come join us Saturday February 7th from 4pm-9pm as we will be at Mililani for another Art & Flea! We will have new stickers including the "Pikapoo" sticker that everyone voted for on Instagram. Or maybe try your luck and win it or a GOLDEN TICKET in our sticker machine. 

Event: Art+Flea Presents: Back To The Future

This month Art+Flea presents a special Back To The Future themed event. Because this year is the year we got hover boards, crazy cool looking jackets, Jaws 19 and those awesome self lacing shoes from Nike. We haven't gotten any of those so far, well maybe the jackets. But fear not as its now 2015 and the future is looking as bright as ever. We will be there once again and might even have some new stickers for you guys. You don't wanna miss out.


Attack On Art+Flea Recrap

Art+Flea is a very special event, if you didn't know it was the first event we ever vended at. Last week Thursday was their 4 Year Anniversary and you know the Crappy Kids go all out during big events!