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Art + Flea Presents: Love For Wes

Thursday April 24th join us as we help Art+Flea celebrate everything Wes Anderson. Grab your red beanie or raccoon hat and party it up with all of us. The event starts at 5pm so don't be late! For more information about the event visit

Art & Flea Mililani

For the first time Art & Flea is coming to Mililani! Join us Satruday Feb. 8th at the Mililani Rec Center 5. From 5pm-10pm. If you always wanted to come out to Art & Flea but were too lazy to come all the way to town now is your chance to check it out!

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The Mugshot Series 10: Art & Flea Kailua Endless Summer

Our first Art & Flea in Kailua was a fun one! Here are the Mugshot series of that night.

Art & Flea: The Endless Summer In Kailua

Hey everyone! Join us this Saturday August 3rd for a very special Art & Flea in Kailua. It will be the first of many Art & Flea events at Chadlou's Cafe in Kailua. Starts at 5pm and goes on till 10pm. Lets make an impact in Kailua!

For more info about Art & Flea visit:



The Mugshot Series 9: Art & Flea's 3 Year Anniversary

As with every Art & Flea comes another installment of The Mugshot Series. This time we celebrated Art & Flea's 3 Year Anniversary.