Attack On Art+Flea Recrap

Art+Flea is a very special event, if you didn't know it was the first event we ever vended at. Last week Thursday was their 4 Year Anniversary and you know the Crappy Kids go all out during big events! We released a special Attack On Titan tee themed shirt. And even had a bunch of cosplayers help us promote our latest tee. It started off really hot as the sun was shining directly at us. But that didn't stop a bunch of dedicated Crappy Kids fans as we had a bunch of people line up to pick up the new Colossal Titan Andre tee.

The 4 year anniversary also brought the return of the Fishing Game a little thing we used to do when we first started vending at Art+Flea. Where all you need to do is catch 3 fish any 3 fish and if any of them have a sticker on the bottom you win a free sticker! Easy as that!

Being near the main stage means we got to listen to some awesome music by the band TV Microwave (@tvmicrowave).

We had a bunch of Attack On Titan cosplayers to help us promote our new Colossal Titan tee. A special thank you to all of them. | @sachishimabuku @yukiisaura @oops_lydia @eikobama @jmoriwake @akaneaoicosplay @marliethequeenofcats @idontwannabeblank @thelovelymarlieandambie |

The night ended with some dancing around with DJ Kowai Kowai (@kowai.kowai).

 Photo's by Songki | @hex.ics |




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