Fresh News — Art&Flea

Attack On Art+Flea

Join us Thursday July 24th for a very special Art+Flea! They will be celebrating their 4 year anniversary that day and to celebrate they are moving to a new location. 1020 Auahi St. at Ward Centers on the parking lot behind Marukai. We are also gonna help them celebrate by doing a few things.

Art+Flea Recrap: Work It 80's Fitness

We were recently at Art+Flea for the month of June and the theme was 80's Fitness. Chris broke out the short shorts and sweatbands and dressed up for the event. During the event we released our latest drop the Hypebeast Collection. We hope everyone had a great time and we look forward to seeing you guys again next month at Art+Flea this time at their new location in Ward.

Art+Flea Presents: Work It, 80's Fitness

This month Art+Flea will be promoting all things fitness and not just any ole' fitness. We will be "working it" in 80's Fitness. So grab all your bright neon headbands and spandex and dress up that day! 

Thursday, June 26th


499. Cooke ST.

For more info visit

Art & Flea/Hawaiian May Recap

The day started really hot and humid as summer begins here in Hawaii. Surrounded by a lot of food trucks we would set up our base here at Jefferson Elementary for the Hawaiian May Food Summit event.

Art+Flea: Love For Wes Recap

Last month at Art+Flea we helped celebrate all things Wes Anderson. We had a blast! Art+Flea has always put a lot of effort into every event that they do and this one was no exception. People that didn't have a chance to make it to Kawaii Kon finally got their hands on the new "Gotta Crap Um All" Collection. And we've also got the chance to debut our new event layout. Its always a pleasure doing Art+Flea and we can't wait to do it again this month. See you guys then!