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Operation Doomsday Event

I was first introduced to the Mask Villian while listening to the Gorillaz album Demon Days during the track November Has Come I wondered who this sick rapper was and how his flow fit so well with the Gorillaz dark and gritty instrumentals. Then I listened to the Danger Doom album and thats when I became a huge fan of MF Doom. So fast forward to recently when Lightsleepers asked us if we would be interested in creating a tee to help celebrate MF Doom. Of course we was down to do it! And we celebrated the event at About The Goods. Check out all the photos from the event below. PC: @taezza

Legend Of Andre Release Party ReCrap

I always get nervous when I do a new project. And this was the very first time we've done a release party for one of our tees. Would people like the new Zelda inspired tee? Would people be able to find About The Goods? Would people even show up to the release party? These were the many questions that ran through my had as I woke up that morning and started packing up and getting ready for the event.

Event: Art+Flea Presents: Back To The Future

This month Art+Flea presents a special Back To The Future themed event. Because this year is the year we got hover boards, crazy cool looking jackets, Jaws 19 and those awesome self lacing shoes from Nike. We haven't gotten any of those so far, well maybe the jackets. But fear not as its now 2015 and the future is looking as bright as ever. We will be there once again and might even have some new stickers for you guys. You don't wanna miss out.


Attack On Art+Flea Recrap

Art+Flea is a very special event, if you didn't know it was the first event we ever vended at. Last week Thursday was their 4 Year Anniversary and you know the Crappy Kids go all out during big events!

Attack On Art+Flea

Join us Thursday July 24th for a very special Art+Flea! They will be celebrating their 4 year anniversary that day and to celebrate they are moving to a new location. 1020 Auahi St. at Ward Centers on the parking lot behind Marukai. We are also gonna help them celebrate by doing a few things.