Attack On Art+Flea

Join us Thursday July 24th for a very special Art+Flea! They will be celebrating their 4 year anniversary that day and to celebrate they are moving to a new location. 1020 Auahi St. at Ward Centers on the parking lot behind Marukai. We are also gonna help them celebrate by doing a few things. First off we are bringing back the fishing game, yes for that day only we will have our little fishing game that we had at our very first Art+Flea, win some stickers as we yell at you. Also we will be releasing a very special Colossal Titan Andre tee that day. Limited to just 80 pieces. And to help us promote the special tee we will have cosplayers Nicole (@sachishimabuku) Taka (@takacosplay) and Marlie and Amber (@marlieandambiequeensofcosplay) at our booth. So come by have some fun snap some pics and help us celebrate 4 years of Art+Flea!

For more info about Art+Flea and the new location visit

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