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Hey Crappy Kids family, if you didn't know it has been about 1 year since I brought back Crap Apparel and called it Crappy Kids! (You can read more about how Crappy Kids came to be here). So in order to celebrate one year in business we decided to re-brand ourselves! As we are slowly learning new things we are starting to figure out the real direction we want to take the brand. So we have a few surprises coming up. You can see some sneak previews on...

The Mugshot Series (Art & Flea)

Usually during every Art & Flea event, whenever a person buys a Crappy Kids T-shirt or insane amounts of Crappy Kids swag. We take their picture with a Polaroid to display at our booth. It's to help customers give themselves a sense of pride for using their hard earned money on our products. Here are some pics from last months 90's Grunge Themed Art & Flea.
Johnathan aka The Sex God

The Harlem Shake (Crappy Kids Version)

The original video is so funny that we had to make a Crappy Kids version. I'm pretty sure I've watched all of the different versions of this Harlem Shake craze. So here it is the Crappy Kids Harlem Shake!

Black And White Look Book 2012

Here is the black and white photos we did for the look book. And I have to say that these ones are my favorite ones! Thanks to all the models! I know we last minute the whole thing but the main thing we had a lot of fun doing it. And photo credit goes out to Chris Balidio, Tina Jo, Derrick Lee and Alex Delapena.


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Crappy Kids Look Book 2012

Here is the recent Look Book we've done for all the shirts we printed in 2012. It was fun getting everyone together and just having a blast taking these photos. Photo credit goes to Chris Balido, Tina Jo, Derrick Lee and Alex Delapena.