The Mugshot Series (Art & Flea)

Usually during every Art & Flea event, whenever a person buys a Crappy Kids T-shirt or insane amounts of Crappy Kids swag. We take their picture with a Polaroid to display at our booth. It's to help customers give themselves a sense of pride for using their hard earned money on our products. Here are some pics from last months 90's Grunge Themed Art & Flea.
Johnathan aka The Sex God

Whatever You Want!

Eat Well, Crap Well
Wise words from the famous Shing02!

I "Heart" Crappy Kids
Thanks so much to Lani Davan of Paper Doll Hawaii for being one of the best supporters of the brand. Go check out her stuff too for some one of a kind jewelry!
Livin The Crap Life!
You're The Shit!

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