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Art & Flea: A Night In Paris (Recap)

Every Art & Flea we have a little fishing game at our booth. To help people re-live their childhood memories. The game is very simple, you catch up to 3 fish. And if any of the 3 have a sticker on the bottom you win free CRAP. Then we take a photo of everyones reaction while they play. Here are some of my favorite photos from April's Art & Flea.

The Mugshot Series (Art & Flea: One Night In Paris)

Every event that we do we like to take a little polaroid of the fans that buy our shirts. Here are this months photos from Art & Flea: One Night In Paris.

Art & Flea A Night In Paris (Video Update)

Bonjour everyone! Tonight is Art & Flea and we've prepared a special video to convince you guys to come out tonight.

Andre The Crap Instagram Contest (Winner)

We recently did a contest where the person who could draw our poop character aka Andre The Crap the best or be the most creative we would give them a free Crappy Kids shirt. There were so many good and creative entries that if I could I would declare all of you guys winners! But I can only choose one. 
So here we go the winner of our first Draw Andre The Crap Instagram contest is:
Congrats klove808 we will email you to claim your prize!

Art & Flea: Night In Paris


Hey everyone April 25th we are participating in Art & Flea once again!! And this time its one of my favorite theme, Night In Paris! Not that One Night In Paris... Mark your calendars, wear your beret and get your curly mustache ready cause its gonna be a fun one. Also during the event we are having a spring cleaning sale and putting a few items for sale! Its gonna be our first sale so if you have yet to pick up a shirt now is the perfect time! For more info about the event check out...