The Mugshot Series (Art & Flea: One Night In Paris)

Every event that we do we like to take a little polaroid of the fans that buy our shirts. Here are this months photos from Art & Flea: One Night In Paris.
The original Sex God couldn't make it that night so he sent his girlfriend to grab a shirt.
@gvnj7illv He entered our draw Andre The Crap contest with the most stoney version of Andre.
These two lovely ladies bought so much CRAP for their husbands that we had to take photos of them!!
One thing I love about doing my brand is meeting so many new friends. This man Mark is such a chill guy, we all had a blast just talking story and chilling. Its like he said "Its not a night, unless its a Crappy night!"
Me Qusta Mucho Crap!!
After about 3 months of just coming to our booth to play our game. He finally buys a shirt! Unfortunately he had to go to the food eating contest so he never got to write anything. So If you know him tag him on our Facebook so we can give him credit!
Same goes for this guy. Thank you so much though we really appreciate it!
And finally we have the very cool an awesome VCR Crew!!! Thank you guys for always coming by.
So thank you to everyone that came buy for our spring sale and bought a shirt!! See you next month!!!

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