Honolulu Night Market: i <3 our Kaka'ako (Recap)

Hey everyone this past weekend was such a hectic one! We did two back to back events and I was literally running on two hours of sleep by Sunday! But thats okay because these two events were special for the brand because it was the first time ever that we would reveal our new packaging for all our products! Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback of our new revamp. We always like to challenge ourselves on how we can build the best possible experience for the customer. So I'm glad that a lot of you enjoyed it and some of you even got tricked into thinking we were selling toys! Which is just what I wanted! Muwahahaha! 
A special thank you to Lightsleepers for always letting us vend with them. They are such a respected brand that I am always honored to be selling next to them at events. Check them out here http://www.lightsleepers.net. And also shout out to 808 All Day for always bringing such a big crowd, I swear Brandon of 808 All Day is such a hard worker being the only person running the booth. And their fans are so hardcore that they would even wait till Brandon comes back from a bathroom break to buy a t-shirt. I wish to have such loyal fans one day! Check them out here http://808allday.blogspot.com.
So anyway here are some of my favorite photos of the Honolulu Night Market. Photos taken by my friend Lance Macabeo.
Look how far we've come as a brand! From our first t-shirt on the left to our current revamp on our right. Thanks everyone for making this possible!

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