Fresh News — 808allday

The Offset Kings Recap

May 18th we were at the Offset Kings car show event presented by Fatlace. We were once again with the usual Lightsleepers and 808 All Day. We set up our booth and also set up some sounds so we didn't need to listen to twerking music all day. It was the start of what would soon to be a wet and humid car show.

Honolulu Night Market: i <3 our Kaka'ako (Recap)

Hey everyone this past weekend was such a hectic one! We did two back to back events and I was literally running on two hours of sleep by Sunday! But thats okay because these two events were special for the brand because it was the first time ever that we would reveal our new packaging for all our products! Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback of our new revamp. We always like to challenge ourselves on how we can build the best possible experience for the customer. So I'm glad that a lot of you enjoyed it and some of you even got tricked into thinking we were selling toys! Which is just what I wanted! Muwahahaha!