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The Mugshot Series 11: Honolulu Night Market August 2013

Here are all of the photos for The Mugshot Series 11: Honolulu Night Market August.

The Mugshot Series 10: Art & Flea Kailua Endless Summer

Our first Art & Flea in Kailua was a fun one! Here are the Mugshot series of that night.

The Mugshot Series 9: Art & Flea's 3 Year Anniversary

As with every Art & Flea comes another installment of The Mugshot Series. This time we celebrated Art & Flea's 3 Year Anniversary.

The Mugshot Series 8: Wild Wild West Art & Flea

Sorry for such a late update but here are the photos of last months The Mugshot Series 8.

The Mugshot Series 7: Art & Flea Vintage Flight

So whenever someone buys a shirt at our booth at Art & Flea we like to take a little polaroid of them and post it on our board. Here is last nights recap of all the polaroids. Thank you to everyone that bought a shirt!