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Legend Of Andre Release Party ReCrap

I always get nervous when I do a new project. And this was the very first time we've done a release party for one of our tees. Would people like the new Zelda inspired tee? Would people be able to find About The Goods? Would people even show up to the release party? These were the many questions that ran through my had as I woke up that morning and started packing up and getting ready for the event.

Legend Of Andre Release Party

Join us for our first T-Shirt release party of the year! Come by and pick up our "Legend Of Andre" tee. Limited edition only 50 tees made. Stop by for some games, music and some cosplay! Hope you guys can make it.

Colossal Titan Andre Tee

If you didn't know we love anime and we've been huge fans of the anime Attack On Titan. And we've wanted to pay our respects to the anime by making a special limited edition tee. Limited to just 80 pieces each shirt comes packaged in a special toy packaging with a bunch of AOT details. Then we got a bunch of local cosplayers to help us with the shoot. It was such a blast to work on this project. A special thank you to all the cosplayers that helped us.