A Collaboration T-Shirt With Art & Flea

If you didn't know Crappy Kids made its retail debut at Art & Flea. And even though we do a lot more events now, We are still grateful Art & Flea exist because it gives brands and creative people like us a venue to show and express our talent. Art & Flea to us is more than just a event, it's a collection of very talented people showing off their craft. So in honor of their 3 Year Anniversary we wanted to do something special. We present Crappy Kids + Art & Flea, Aloha Kid Andre Action T-Shirt! 
Every month Art & Flea has a special theme for people to dress up as or vendors to sell special themed items. This month is Shakalulu Vintage Aloha. So coming up with the concept we thought about giving Andre the aloha spirit. Maybe adding a hula skirt or have Andre look like Hawaiian warrior and have it defend something. Then we thought nah we have enough shirts like that available in Hawaii already we don't need more. So being the wacky brand that we are we thought it would be funny to show some aloha to the tourist that visit our island everyday. We also decided to make it special by limiting the run to only a 100 t-shirts so get yours today before its gone!
Also Art & Flea has totally revamped their website go check it out at http://artandflea.com

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