Slammed Society Hawaii 5/19/13 (Recap)

Slammed Society is a car show in Hawaii that features some of the best import cars in Hawaii. And was our second time doing a import car show. Now you must be wondering why the heck we are doing car shows in the first place. Well first we as Crappy Kids try not to stereotype anyone and you'd be surprised at how much people get a kick out of our brand. Plus its fun seeing everyone look surprised when they see our booth. Second I believe it doesn't matter what kind of brand you have as long as you are honest, true to yourself and have a really great concept then it won't matter what type of event it is.
We actually was there to just make people embarrassed by playing our Crap Toss Bean Bag Toss game. You'd be surprised by how much people would be ashamed to play the game because they gotta be cool in front of their friends. I mean you know you want to play! I see you doing the hand tossing motion on the side...
Our friend Darren had his 51 Chevy outside representing Crappy Kids on the inside of his car.
Finally good friends Function Clothing Co. sent over Lauren Lala aka @Luciferlashes to play our Crap Toss game. And boy where the whole team excited to see her play! Hahaha. Check out Function Clothing here: and follow Lauren!
She prayed to the gods to make the shots!
Thanks everyone for such an fun weekend!

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