The Crappy Kids Revamp

Now if you have been wondering where the "kids" in Crappy Kids comes from heres a little history lesson. About last year when I was thinking about bringing the brand back I thought to myself, what would I like to do different this time? I thought that even though we are a business we don't like to take things serious sometimes. Which goes back to our goal to prove that no matter how silly your dream is don't be afraid to pursue it. So being a silly brand we felt like kids again being able to let our imaginations run wild and come up with silly concepts for the brand. Thats how our fishing game and brand new packaging came about. We wanted everyone that experienced our brand to feel like a kid again. Growing up with so much responsibilities we loose sight of our curiosity and never take the time to let our mind and creativity wander like when we were kids. We wanted people that see our brands concepts to look at it and say "Hey I remember that" or "I used to do that all the time when I was a kid."
So when deciding how to package my shirts, I thought what was the best thing to do as a kid. And that was a no brainer every kid loved getting a new toy! You would bug your mom or dad to buy you a simple action figure or doll. Heck sometimes we'd grab toys that didn't even do anything we just wanted toys! And if you were a nice boy or girl that day you would be rewarded with a toy. We would demolish that cardboard blister and have crazy adventures with our brand new toy. I wanted to bring that experience back with our shirts which is why all of our shirts now come packed in cool ACTION T-Shirt Blister Packaging!
The back of our packaging features a brief history of how our brand was started.
Also our mission statement and social media information.
We also made all new button packs and sticker packs!
Our old shirts also got the new packaging treatment also!

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