Crappykids presents: Piece Of Crap Series #1

Our goal has always been to prove if we can sell a piece of crap and become successful, then you can achieve the same success also no matter how silly your dream is. And we thought collecting CRAP would be fun as many of you already collect our little stickers. So we wanted to create something more limited and more collectable. "Its not art, its not a toy. Its just a piece of crap!"

Piece Of Crap Series #1 consist of 6 total characters but we are releasing these 3 first. Each character is limited to just 25 pieces and measures at about 5x5 inches each. And just like when you flush your poop down the toilet, once its gone its gone forever!

1. Weapon A

2. Amazing Andre

3. Deadpoop

Collect them all!

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