Crappy April Fools

To me some of the best pranks cross the line between being believable. And I've always been inspired by a brand called Johnny Cupcakes, being such a wacky brand and tricking people into thinking his store is a bakery he'd get people to buy shirts with cupcakes on them. Being two unusual and wacky brands I believed that we could trick people into thinking we were working on a collaboration. And it all started with this little teaser early in the morning of April 1st.

Fans had mixed reactions, from people already suspecting it to be an April fools joke to friends and family calling and texting to congratulate me on the collab. Then something cool happened, Keachie aka Canofshark our graphic designer and number one JC fan messaged me. "Chad OMG Chad people are talking about it (collab) on the JC Facebook page. And they think I'm the designer behind the collab." Its funny enough that some of our fans believed it. But to have some of Johnny Cupcakes fans second guess if its real or not really put the icing on the cake (cupcake).

To further up the ante we even made a mock up tee! Which we took JC's Big Kid and combined him with Andre to create "Big Kid Andre." Once again friends, fans and family started to comment. Some people were even ready to pre-order. Finally once we opened up the pre-order page you would see a little message saying "April Fools" in the description of the tee.

We hoped everyone enjoyed our little April Fools prank, and I'm sorry if you guys are upset that this isn't a real tee. Maybe one day senpai Johnny will notice us and decided to do a real collaboration with us. I can only dream till the day that will come.

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