Photoshoot with Melia Kim feat. Riana Tittahbyte

I remember seeing some of Melia's photos on some of my friends Instagram and also on my friend Amy's Lifestyle blog Indie Visual List. I told my friends "She reminds me of Lorde" as I proceed to sing Royals. So when she asked us if she could do a photo shoot with us we was happy to do it. 

We sought the help of Riana Tittahbyte of About The Goods to help us take the photos. Riana said Melia was a natural at posing and that giving directions on what to do was a problem for other girls. We later find out why, Melia was once commissioned by American Apparel to do a few shoots with them! She is an outstanding girl and I say be on the look out because she is very passionate about her work and I wouldn't be surprised to see her in something bigger soon. Check out her Instagram @jesuismelia 


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