Art+Flea 4th Annual Ugly Sweater Party ReCrap

This month we helped Art+Flea celebrate their 4th Annual Ugly Sweater Party and man was it a fun one. We released 4 new stickers that day from our Adventure Time pack to Olaf from the movie Frozen. People were so excited to get the new stickers that some even came to the side of the booth just to buy our stickers because they didn't have enough money to pay for the entrance fee. We also had a few Golden Ticket winners that night. And overall a lot of people got their holiday shopping done. The night ended with a little egg nog drinking contest. A twist on the usual food eating contest that Art+Flea usually holds. This time whoever drank the most egg nog under 5 minutes or so would be the winner. And man let me tell you it didn't end well for one fellow. We hope everyone else had a blast this month and we will see you next time.

All photos taken by Marvin | @taezza |



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