Honolulu Night Market: I <3 Lofa Recap

May 17th was the Honolulu Night Market and it was our first time back since we took a break from it due to last months event being held at the same time as the Childish Gambino concert.

We introduced a bunch of new stickers, including our new JDM Kids stickers and our Minion Kid sticker.

Songki provided not only these great photos but also brought some water and drinks to quench our thirst (some of us were more thirsty than others).

We also had a little fun with the CRAP sign...

A special thanks to Marvin and Darren for holding the booth down for most of the night.

Its always a pleasure to have 808 All Day under the same tent as us.

This Night Market was special also as we helped celebrate Lofa (Lightsleepers) birthday. We bought him some birthday cake.

"Happy Birthday, Yaoi Master Lofa…"

To end the night we had even more fun with our CRAP sign.

See ya'lls next time!

Photos taken by Songki


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