Crappykids Sticker Machine

Crappykids Sticker Machine

Regular price $3

Take a spin at our famous Crappykids Sticker Machine!!


Heres how it works:

  1. Place an order on how many spins you want to do.
  2. It's $3 Dollars per spin (Minimum is 5 spins, but no maximum)
  3. I’ll record a custom video of me spinning the machine for you and post it on our Instagram @Crappykids. (IMPORTANT NOTE: You might get your Stickers in the Mail before your video is posted)
  4. Type in your Instagram Username and Name you'd like to be addressed as in the notes section if you want to get tagged and a shoutout in the video.
  5. Due to the setup it takes to make these videos give me about a week to spin and send out your stickers.

What you’ll get:

  • Due to the randomness of the machine all stickers will be random.
  • You might get doubles.
  • There will be exclusive Sticker Machine only stickers.
  • Good Luck! 💩👍🏾