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January. 26. 2015
Legend Of Andre Release Party

Join us for our first T-Shirt release party of the year! Come by and pick up our "Legend Of Andre" tee. Limited edition only 50 tees made. Stop by for some games, music and some cosplay! Hope you guys can make it.

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January. 12. 2015
Photoshoot with Melia Kim feat. Riana Tittahbyte

I remember seeing some of Melia's photos on some of my friends Instagram and also on my friend Amy's Lifestyle blog I told my friends "She reminds me of Lorde" as I proceed to sing Royals. So when she asked us if she could do a photo shoot with us we was happy to do it. 

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January. 03. 2015
Event: Art+Flea Presents: Back To The Future

This month Art+Flea presents a special Back To The Future themed event. Because this year is the year we got hover boards, crazy cool looking jackets, Jaws 19 and those awesome self lacing shoes from Nike. We haven't gotten any of those so far, well maybe the jackets. But fear not as its now 2015 and the future is looking as bright as ever. We will be there once again and might even have some new stickers for you guys. You don't wanna miss out.


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Hello everyone! My name is Chad Maluyo and I am the creator of Crappykids. Growing up people would ask me "What would you like to be when you grow up?" And I'd always say either a paleontologist (cause I love dinosaurs, and Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies) or some kind of scientist. Little did I know that I would do none of that and instead start my own business and become an entrepreneur. How did it end up this way you may ask? Let me tell you about how I became a Crappy Kid. 

If we can sell a shirt with a piece of crap on it and become successful. Then anyone can do what they want to do and find success as long as they work hard and never give up. 


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