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September. 14. 2015
Crappykids presents: Piece Of Crap Series #1

Our goal has always been to prove if we can sell a piece of crap and become successful, then you can achieve the same success also no matter how silly your dream is. And we thought collecting CRAP would be fun as many of you already collect our little stickers. So we wanted to create something more limited and more collectable. "Its not art, its not a toy. Its just a piece of crap!" 

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July. 31. 2015
Draw Andre Contest Part 4

Its that time again! Test your drawing skills in our little "Draw Andre Contest Part 3." Get your pen, pencil, watercolors, spray can, mud, whatever, and doodle the most creative version of Andre The Crap you can think of! Now to even the playing field for those who feel like they aren't as talented at drawing. You now have a chance to win also! Anyone can enter!

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May. 12. 2015
Operation Doomsday Event

I was first introduced to the Mask Villian while listening to the Gorillaz album Demon Days during the track November Has Come I wondered who this sick rapper was and how his flow fit so well with the Gorillaz dark and gritty instrumentals. Then I listened to the Danger Doom album and thats when I became a huge fan of MF Doom. So fast forward to recently when Lightsleepers asked us if we would be interested in creating a tee to help celebrate MF Doom. Of course we was down to do it! And we celebrated the event at About The Goods. Check out all the photos from the event below. PC: @taezza

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Hello everyone! My name is Chad Maluyo and I am the creator of Crappykids. Growing up people would ask me "What would you like to be when you grow up?" And I'd always say either a paleontologist (cause I love dinosaurs, and Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies) or some kind of scientist. Little did I know that I would do none of that and instead start my own business and become an entrepreneur. How did it end up this way you may ask? Let me tell you about how I became a Crappy Kid. 

If we can sell a shirt with a piece of crap on it and become successful. Then anyone can do what they want to do and find success as long as they work hard and never give up. 


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